The POINT of Puberty

Puberty describes the process of your body changing from a girl’s into a woman’s. The entire transformation takes several years, and when it is finished, you pretty much look like a grown-up.

The “point”of puberty is to make it possible for girls’ bodies to function like women’s, including the ability to be pregnant and feed a baby.

Do ALL GIRLS have puberty?

Yes - although each girl’s experience will be both similar and different from other girls. Some girls start puberty earlier, some finish later, but most girls experience the basics, including growing taller, gaining weight, growing breasts, getting pimples and body odor, growing hair in new and interesting places, and having periods. Believe it or not, even boys have puberty!

When will all this happen for me?

Although puberty for girls often starts with an increase in height and weight, lots of girls don’t notice that puberty has begun since they have been busy growing their whole lives! Many girls first notice they have started puberty when they begin to develop breasts - this is the first new body change of puberty for girls (for much more about breasts, turn t o this page).

Girls typically start puberty sometime between the ages of eight and eleven. It’s not uncommon for girls to begin puberty up to two years before boys! The timing of puberty is greatly influenced by heredity.

We tend to follow the growth patterns of other people who are genetically linked to us. In addition to our birth parents sharing genetic messages of eye and hair color, they also pass along how fast or slow puberty happens, the size of our breasts, our height and shape, and even how early our period starts.

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