Puberty Growth Symptoms

One of the first signs of the onset of puberty is a noticeable burst of growth in our arms, legs and overall body length. This growth spurt usually happens around the age of 11 for girls and between 12 and 13 for boys. This is not the best time to be buying clothes you really love - they're only going to last you for a few months before you outgrow them.

Can you eat healthy?

During the puberty growth spurt, you might feel hungry a lot of the time. Instead of always reaching for chips and chocolate bars, grab a banana, an apple or a sandwich. While you are growing, you can usually get away with fatty snacks without gaining weight but once you reach adulthood, you will pile on the pounds if you have poor eating habits.

Growing Pains

During the Puberty growth spurt, some people experience weird pains. Bones grow at each end - for example, the thigh bone adds material where it meets the knee joint and where it meets the hip joint. Growing pains are usually a sign that your nerves are having to grow to "keep up". Rubbing painful area or having a massage is the best way to ease these pains. If a pain like this lasts longer than a week, it may be due to something else - ask your doctor.

Some of us gain several inches in a single puberty growth spurt - time for new clothes!
As the body adapts to new hormones and rapid growth it burns more energy. It's quite normal to feel sleepy especially in the early afternoon.

Shape Shift

Our limbs do not necessarily grow at the same rate as each other. Some parts might grow more quickly than others. We might look a bit strange for a few months if our arms grow faster than our legs. But it all balances out in the end. Even the bones in our face, such as our nose bones, grow and change. We can see our adult face beginning to appear.

Feeling Tired

Growing is also hard work for the cells in our bodies. They quickly use up the fuel we create from food. It is normal for our bodies to demand that we rest more often and many of us find that we need more sleep than we did as children. Growing while we sleep also means that we might sometimes wake up in the morning feeling short of fuel - a sweet drink such as a fruit juice can help.

Do you know? Girls grow before boys but they don't grow as much as boys do. Here is a chart showing Puberty Growth patterns in both boys and girls:


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