Puberty FAQs

PUBERTY is a very important, very exciting time in your life as you go through so many changes on your way to becoming an adult. Along with the transformation your body is undergoing, many other things in your life are changing, too. For example, your relationships with your parents and your friends may be different now than when you were younger, and people may treat you differently. Also, the way you look at things is probably not the same as it used to be. Of course, you have lots of questions.

I at this Puberty101 Blog have created this FAQ page to give you the answers to many of those questions - information that can help you grow up healthy and happy. You can also turn to your parents, your doctor, and other trusted adults whenever you need more information, guidance, or help. With more facts, you can make even better decisions to keep yourself safe.

In this FAQs section of Puberty101 Blog, you will learn how to deal with common concerns teens have, such as acne, menstrual cramps, weight issues, etc. You will learn why it’s so important, even at your age, to eat a healthy diet and to be physically & sexually active.

I wish you a good health on your journey into adulthood!

Puberty FAQs - [Last updated on 30th October 2011]

What if I’m not happy with how my breasts look?
My breasts are not the same size. Is that normal?
What are Breast Buds?