Breast Size Problems

Imagine a gym full of girls standing with their arms held at shoulder level, elbows bent. Jerking their elbows back and forth to a one-two, one-two count, they chant:

We must, we must,
We must increase our busts.
Its better, it’s better,
It’s better for the sweater.
We may we may,
We may get big someday.
That was gym class in the “good old days.” We hope girls no longer have to do this. Not that there’s anything wrong with the exercise. It’s good for toning and firming the muscles of the chest wall. If you do this exercise a lot, the chest muscles underneath the breast will get thicker. This may make your breasts stand out more, but it won’t make your breasts larger. Your breasts are mostly glands and flit tissue. No amount of exercise will enlarge them.

Although the exercise itself is fine, the chant is not. All that business about “we must increase our busts puts such emphasis on having big breasts. It’s as if big breasts were somehow better than small ones. Small breasts do as good a job of making breast milk as large ones. Small breasts give us the same pleasurable feelings when they are stroked or touched. Small breasts are just as beautiful as big ones. It’s like the difference between being blonde and brunette. Some people prefer one look, some people prefer the other.

However, there are so many big-busted, glamorous women in advertisements, films, and TV shows that it’s easy to get the idea that big breasts are more womanly or sexier than small ones. You’d be surprised how many people don’t feel that way. Besides, anyone who decides whether to like you based on breast size isn’t a person worth knowing.

Still, we do live in a country that has a hang-up about breasts. Some women with small breasts feel unhappy about their bodies. Some even have operations to enlarge their breasts.

Breast size can be a problem for large-breasted women, too. In some cases, the breasts are so large that their size affects posture and causes back pains. There are also operations to reduce breasts to a more comfortable size.


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