Growing Taller After Puberty

Vertically challenged people are always eager to know if they can get taller after they have crossed their teenage years, but it very difficult to find a definite answer to this. The medical fraternity is still divided in their opinion on the possibility of height augmentation after puberty.

Height increasing shoes are definitely one of the safest and most effective solutions to look taller, but let us look at some of the other alternatives that claim to increase your actual height.

Exercise and Diet

Some people claim that there are a number of natural methods by which you can grow taller even after puberty. Stretching exercises are said to be the best of all the natural methods of gaining height. Yoga ‘Asanas’ like the Wheel and the Bow are also considered quite beneficial. However, the easiest and perhaps the most effective form of exercise is simply to hang by a bar on a regular basis.

Exercising the knees is also considered to have a positive effect on height. Similarly, exercising with ankle weights is an often suggested exercise for increasing height. Some health experts claim that ankle weights can increase a person’s height by 2-3 inches.

Riding a bicycle and swimming can also be a good way to achieve height increase after puberty. However, you will need to learn some special techniques of riding and swimming that are said to increase their effectiveness.

Lastly, it is said that a healthy calcium rich diet can also contribute significantly to bone growth resulting in height increase. This may not be very effective for individuals past their puberty, but it is certainly helpful in adolescents’ and children’s growth.

Some Artificial But Great Ways to Appear Tall

Besides intake of a calcium rich diet and regular exercise, you can look taller by other means as well. You can add those crucial inches to your height by grooming yourself cleverly and by stepping into a pair of height increasing shoes.

You should go for vertical stripes in your clothes. You should never go for big or horizontal stripes, as they will have the opposite effect and make you look short. You can also get a tall and spiky haircut to further augment your height.

Wearing height increasing shoes is another great way to look tall. They have hidden pads that can lift you up by up to four inches. As the pads are concealed, the height increasing shoes resemble any other shoe to an observer. That is the main reason why these shoes are becoming so popular.

Thus, there are many ways through which you can try to look taller. You should always go for a method that is effective but does not compromise your comfort, and height increasing shoes seem to best fulfill this criteria.


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