Penis Size

Penis size is the biggest concern. (No pun intended.) If you’ve worried about the size of yours, you’re not alone! This topic comes up over and over again in our question boxes and in readers’ let ters. In fact, we get more questions about penis size than all other topics combined.

One of the earliest scientific reports on penis size dates back to 1879. Its author, Dr. W. Krause, reported that “in most cases” the erect penis is just less than 8¼ inches long. Maybe the whole problem of men thinking their penises are too small can be traced back to this report or maybe not. But the fact is, Dr. K. was off by more than 2 inches. Most guys will fall short of the mark trying to measure up to 81¼ inches. Only one in a hundred grown men has an erect penis that long!

The Long and Short of It

We’ll get to the more up-to-date, scientific reports of penis size in just a page or two. First, though, we want to clear up a couple of size issues. Many boys think their penises are too small. They look around the locker room and everyone’s penis seems bigger than theirs. But comparing sizes this way can be misleading.

There’s a lot of variation in the size of the soft penis. But size differences tend to disappear when an erection appears. Penises that are on the small side when soft tend to grow more during an erection. Penises that are Larger than most when soft tend to grow less. If your penis is on the small side when soft, this doesn’t mean it will be on the small side when erect.

It’s difficult to even say what the average size of the soft penis is. That’s because the size changes so much. Being afraid, cold, or nervous can reduce blood inside the penis, making it smaller in size. The penis can shrink by as much as two inches. Being relaxed or warm increases the blood in the penis, making it larger. That’s why it’s difficult to say what the average size of one man’s pen is is when it’s soft, much less the average of all men. That’s also why most scientific studies measure the size of the erect penis.

It’s natural for boys to make locker room comparisons. It’s natural to want to see how you measure up against the “average” penis size. But, don’t forget, you’re still growing. Remember what I told you in 5 Stages of Penis Development. The penis doesn’t reach full size until Stage 5. If you’re not in Stage 5 yet, you’ve still got a lot of growing to do. Even once you reach Stage 5, your penis may continue to grow. Many a boy is seventeen or eighteen or even older before his penis reaches its full size.

The penis doesn’t really start to grow until Stage 3. The guy next to you in the gym showers may be the same age, but he may be at a very different stage of puberty. He may be in Stage 4 or 5 already. If you’re still in Stage 2, of course his penis is bigger than yours. That doesn’t mean yours is too small. When you get to Stage 5, your penis will probably be about the same as most other guys’ penises.

The size of your erection varies, too. There may not be as much variation as there is in the size of soft penises. But erection size is affected by room temperature, how nervous you are, the time of day, recent sexual activity, the situation, and your mood.


Anonymous said...

my peni size is 6 inch ... bt i wnt 2 more grow my peni ...... my peini is 2 thick ... bt i wnt 2 my peni size is 7or 8 inches .... so do tell me wt i do 2 grow my peni bemms 7or 8 inches ... piz do tell ....

Jesse said...

Aged 17. 6 1/2 inches long. Big or not?

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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