Protecting Your Breasts from Cancer

A breast bud feels like a small button under the nipple. Girls sometime mistake them for the breast lumps that are a sign of cancer, but breast cancer never affects girls whose breasts are just starting to develop. Older girls sometimes have problems with lumpy breasts around the time of their periods. However, lumps under the nipple in girls just starting puberty are perfectly normal just another part of growing up.

Breast Cancer is rarely, if ever, found in teenagers. But what you eat during these years may affect your chances of developing breast cancer later in life.

Why? Because between Puberty and the time of a Woman's first pregnancy, cells in the breast are still maturing. During this time, the breasts are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of cancer-causing substances in the diet and the environment. A young woman's exposure to these harmful substances can lead to cancer many years later.

Scientists still don't know exactly what causes breast cancer. But a diet high in fat (especially animal fat) may increase your chances of developing breast cancer. Likewise, drinking alcohol may increase the risk.

On the other hand, a high-fiber diet with lots of fruits and vegetables (especially leafy green vegetables) may lower the risk. Regular exercise may also lower your chances of developing breast cancer.

You'll find more information on healthy diet and exercise in this blog and also all around the internet. Follow the best practices and help protect your breasts at this important time in your life.


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